Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Show and Tell

Lori had a bottomless bag of goodies to share!  She has obviously been keeping herself very busy.  This butterfly was a kit with the design already carved into the foam beneath the fabric.   
These are walker bags for community service at guild, using fabric she was given.  Lori is learning to make buttonholes for this project!
(if the spacing is weird it's because blogger is behaving badly today and I am not in the mood to do battle to fix it.  Sorry!)
The bag was made with fabric sent to her by a guild member. 
Lori is doing a lot of handwork these days.  The "Bug" was a gift for her husband.

 And she has caught the "hexie" bug.

This is only one of the amazing little photos on fabric Lori bought from a man in Australia after seeing his work on facebook.  His website is amazing- and there's free shipping!

Finally, Lori did go home last month and try the Ann Brauer technique!
Kathi laid out all the blocks she has for the Michael's quilt.  Don't they look great all together.  We had lost track of who is still working on one.  We know there will be at least nine blocks.  Kathi is ready to start putting it together for Michael's return!

 Elaine framed her Ann Brauer piece on a second quilt.  Take a look at the circle quilting she did- very cool!

This was Elaine's entry for the "Winter's End" show by RAFA last month.  It was nice to finally get a good look at it!
 It was inspired by this little poem.

Elaine and Kathi took a class with Julie Brandon. This piece is made from the fabric Elaine had printed at the end of the class.  It's something different to everyone who looks at it, but we all liked it best this way up.  (good thing since that's how Elaine likes it!)  She hopes to add some beads to it just for a little sparkle and definition.

Mary Ellen is doing a round robin.  The fabric she used is so close to the original fabric we all thought it must have come to her with the block, but it was just hiding in her stash!  This is why quilters require such large stashes!

 Deciding to try her hadn at a "modern" quilt, and wishing to use up some scraps, Mary Ellen made this striking quilt.  I had once again forgotten the name of the pattern- something liked connected or entwined??  The binding will be made with strips of many of the scraps.  ooooh!

Another Anne Brauer piece.  Mary Ellen had wanted to try setting in a circle.  It's wonderful isn't it?  a Taupe moon.  Too bad the quilting doesn't show in this picture.

Kathi's Ann Brauer piece is still deciding what it might be.  Not planning her strips, she ended up using a repeat of 6 or 8 different fabrics.  It reminded a couple of us of those old rugs we all used to have.

 Kathi led another photo transfer workshop with her fiberistas.  These are a couple of the pieces she did there.

 The finished piece to be a gift for a retiring friend.  The pattern, including the vinyl used to lay out the pieces, is up for grabs, as Kathi does not plan to do this again.

Kathi took a "craftsy' class with Carol Ann Waugh called Stitch and Slash.  Here she is showing us how you use a seam ripper to cut away one or more layers of fabric that has been sewn with circles and lines.

And here is a somewhat better view of the piece.

Emmy brought one of her books to share with us.  The cover is a tile she got for $1 somewhere.  Each page has a way to attach photos or other memorabilia. 

 Emmy has finally realized why they are called "New York Beauty" blocks!

 Emmy is also doing some hand piecing.  She had always wanted to try Cathedral Windows.

I had forgotten to bring this into the meeting, but this is my Ann Brauer piece, made into a small purse- about 8 inches across the bottom.
(my brain is misfiring lately.  I'm blaming the weather)