Thursday, April 27, 2017

A short, but fun meeting

 We've had trouble getting together the past few months for one reason or another, so we're happy for whatever time we can get together and share all things artsy. 

Cynda made lemonade from the lemons that were the March blizzard by doing as much snow dyeing as she could, with some great results!

 Cynda is cutting some of her fabrics into hexies.  We can't wait to see what she does with them.

Different types of fiber arts being created as we chatted!

Mary Ellen shares what she is working on, which she couldn't bring along.

Chris finished this piece, made as a gift for a friend using the three dudes pattern from Rob Appell's website.

This was the first thing Chris did on her longarm machine, so she kept the quilting simple, but it looks great!!

The May meeting will be in the Wilbur room at the Richmond Memorial Library. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Slicing and icing

Finally, after hashing and rehashing this idea, Chris came in with a fabulous picture we can slice up to make as a group art quilt.  We've discussed this off and on for a couple of years, I think.
 Chris had contacted the photographer previously to ask if he would give permission for us to use one of his nature photos for this project, and he happily agreed. This was a first snow at his home last November.  (the icing in the post title) Chris hopes to have the quilt finished by next November once we know how many slices it will be.

There was a bit of showing and telling as well.

Susan showed some lovely ice dyed fabrics at our December meeting.   The leafy vine was in there waiting to come out.  This is for Susan!

 Susan used the fabric and thread from Mary Ellen's challenge to make this sweet little pillow.  She isn't sure where this will end up yet.

Martha is doing a UFO challenge with her online guild, and even got one of the two pieces she pulled out in January finished!

Since we met on Valentine's Day, we adjourned early to go spend time with our sweethearts. (in some cases that might be the sewing machine!)

Monday, December 19, 2016

A new challenge!

 We moved to the library for our December meeting.  It's not really a party, but there were cookies!
Everyone brings something to work on while we chat and share.  Eventually someone asks. "What are you working on?", and show and tell begins!

Our newest member, Lausei (Mary Lee's daughter-in-law) made herself a cute little what not bag with beaded trim.  We all thought it was nice enough to be a wrist purse!

Lori is making folded fabric ornaments as gifts.  We all loved how she is fussy cutting motifs for the center.

Beth's boyfriend is getting pillowcases for Christmas.
She chose this fabric because he likes cowboys. 

Lori also made some really nice walker bags.

Kathi did some "nuno" felting- using a hand sander!- with her fiberista group.  This process felts a fabric such as chiffon onto wool roving. 

The images were created using an app called prisma.  Of course, some of us grabbed our phones and did a quick search. 

 In just a few seconds, this picture....

 was transformed to this!

Great- another way for me to spend time staring at my phone.  :-)

Susan did some dyeing.  Thee were collective "oohs" as she showed these.

Susan also unveiled her "Modern" quilt. 
This was inspired by Georgia O'Keefe's Jack in the Pulpit no.V   Susan used upholstery fabrics to give the piece texture.  Working with them was an adventure.

Mary Ellen was finishing up a piece she has been playing with.  She finally used an attachment for stitching circles she had gotten for her machine a couple of years ago. 

She then decided to do some bobbin work, adding the circles after the piece was quilted.  
   Mary Ellen found the process to be fun and effective.  Then she challenged each of us to try it, and gave us each a little gift to get us started.

No deadline, since she just wants us to have fun!

The next meeting will probably be at the library as well.  January 10, 2017

Monday, November 14, 2016

November sit and sew

We had a very low-key meeting this month, enjoying being together, doing some handwork and sharing what we've been up to since the quilt show.  Several of us have been cleaning up the sewing room, and finding projects long neglected!  And it was nice to get an up close and personal look at some of the projects that were finished just in time for the show. 

Cynda is using her ice dyed fabrics to make hexies and is now addicted!

Some of the newer fabric Cynda dyed

We all saw a face in this one

Mary Ellen found these in her sewing room

It didn't make the show, but the Jacobean quilt is finished

Hand quilted- with exceptional skill!

A mistake made this piece better than planned!

Having to reprint allowed Mary Ellen to add all this great texture.

Emmy dug out her old stitch sampler in an effort to improve her machine quilting skills

Emmy's completed wool felt piece.

Another piece Emmy finished for the show
Emmy made  new topper for the Guild's tree at the HLOM

An old project Mary Lee finally finished in time to hang for the holiday

Lots of great texture stitching.

Mary"s "fish" are mermaids!

Tiny stars pieced from that lame!

Martha updated her "Instant Art Quilt"- an old group project

Martha's modern quilt- finished too late for the show.
Our next meeting will be at the Library.  Nothing on the agenda as of today.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Trying to get things finished

With only a month to go until the quilt show, we are all working hard to get the quilts we entered finished in time!

 Mary Ellen is hand quilting this beautiful hand appliqu├ęd piece as fast as she can!

Kathi is adding stitching to her layered circles.

I don't recall if this is going into the show, but it was inspired by the piece she showed us last month.

We all coveted the pretty bag Kathi got as a gift at her retreat with online friends.

 Chris finished her fish.  The coral pieces she showed us last month look even better now!

Emmy isn't planning to finish her hexies for the show, but don't they look pretty all stacked up in the bin?

Lori is adding some stitching to stabilize her crazy quilt.

Martha brought the pieces she finished at retreat with her online quilting friends.

Mary Lee brought her donation for the raffle basket- a lovely and soft runner woven on a rigid heddle loom.

Mary is doing some fabulous quilting on this piece from a pattern by Laura Heine.
 The flamingo is made as a collage with flowers fussy cut from many fabrics.

It will be a fabulous show, don't you think?
We won't be meeting in October, since it's the day before we have to turn all of this in for the show!