Tuesday, May 20, 2014

April sharing

Well, lookie what I found- a draft of the post from April- never finished.
(Obviously my fellow artc's are too polite to ask what happened to it!)

OK, now I know why I never finished it- for some reason this post is very stubborn and I gave up trying to place things where I want them.  If anyone knows how to over ride or overcome these issues, please share!

Anyway, here is what happened at our April meeting.......
Emmy brought in some of the buttons angels she received in a swap.  The ones she made are on her blog.

Lori is enjoying doing landscapes, including her sasquatch projects.

The larger one was for the fundraiser at the bigfoot conference Lori attended.  It sold for around $75!

Chris tried a glue resist painting technique she found in a recent issue of Quilting Arts Magazine.

Martha made some fun kitties using a pattern by "Gold Star Stitchery"

Martha's second creative girl- the Garden Girl- has a picot beaded edging.

Just good to be together!

 We don't  plan activities very often for our ArtCGirlz meetings.  Most times we just do a show and tell, and share techniques and ideas with each other. (And enjoy being in the company of similarly-minded friends!!)

The girls who didn't come to the March meeting when we made our "Creative Girls" are making them anyway.  We were happy to meet Elaine's music girl, all dressed up for her recital.

Chris' girl is enjoying a day at the beach.
Chris not only didn't enlarge the pattern, she shrunk it so the beach scene could be the star of the show.

The small details and embellishments require a close look to fully appreciate.

Chris showed us this piece she painted with instructions she found in Quilting Arts last month.  But it has now been quilted and embellished in the style of Laura Wasilowski

Chris says the hard part of doing this is knowing when to stop.

Lori took a class on "Accidental Landscapes" with Karen Eckmeier at the Genesee Valley Quilt Club last week.  This is her class project, which she notes does not have a "squatch" in it.

As part of an on-going discussion for our next group project, we spent some time looking at historical pictures of Batavia, NY.  We have been talking about doing a city scape quilt.  We haven't found just the right picture yet, but the ideas are flowing!

Hopefully soon, we can form a plan.  Meanwhile, we will just continue to enjoy each other's company and talent!