Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sharpie marker transfer

There was a very short, but beautiful,  show and tell at the March meeting.   

Susan brought this to show us before it gets moved to its permanent home at their summer house in the 1,000 Islands.  This began with the blocks she rejected from her row by row quilt.  They look better in this piece, anyway.                                          

Cynda finished her wool felted pin from last month.  She had to improvise because the acrylic felt doesn't work as well as the wool, which she is allergic to.  We all agreed the metallic rick rack was the perfect finish for this!

 Cynda also tried some snow dyeing- since there was so very much of it to use this year!

Clearly Elaine approves of the purple piece.

 Martha led us all in trying out the sharpie marker transfer process, as seen in Quilter's Newsletter magazine, Feb March 2015 issue.
First you choose an image and transfer it to card stock.

 Then you color it in with sharpie markers, making sure to get lots of ink into the paper.  Once you are satisfied, you add the rubbing alcohol, run a squeegee over it and voila! (there should be an accent on that a)

 Kathi did an homage to her orange cats, whose names I have forgotten

 Martha did a sort of sunflower mandala. The blur occurred when she tried to get a darker transfer and the paper shifter.  (note to self: enhance weak spots with stitch or embellishments)

 Mary Ellen was glad the black comes out grey, since Juncos aren't really black

 Susan got the best result

 Mary Lee's Kaleidoscope came out very nice!

 Elaine did a minimalist kind of design, that she can play with later.  
Lesson learned here- even G clefts have to be reversed!

Cynda's fishies came out with an underwater feel, which seems perfect!

 Lori's sweet little bird looks ready to sing. 

Beth did an original design.  She wasn't sure how the scrolly design at the top would transfer, but the only way to learn is to try !

Apologies to Connie- the picture I took of her rooster was really out of focus.

It was fun and most agreed it was a technique they would try again.

In April we will revisit the lino block printing we did last fall.