Thursday, January 22, 2015

Not much to show

At the January meeting most of us were working on our challenge projects to be presented at the guild meeting on Saturday-- four days later. 
So here's what was shown at the meeting- except for Martha's sock.

Kathi was pondering how to add the challenge fabric to this.  She played with a picture of a flower none of us could name and had Julie print it for her.  The background wasn't gold- that is paint Kathi added.

Beth made very good use of a lot of scraps of small flower prints to make a map of the US.  It's all fused- even those tiny Aleuitian and Hawaiian Islands.  Beth was adding beads for the state capitals.

Lori isn't making a challenge piece so she was working on her crazy quilt.

Mary Lee used a Ruth McDowell pattern to make some Hollyhocks.  (Keep in mind this was due in 4 days!)

We have decided to make the meetings more hands on, so hopefully next month's post will be more interesting. 
In the more distant future will be a school of odd fish.