Monday, July 15, 2013

A very fond farewell

Sadly, one of our favorite ArtCGirlz is relocating in August.  We all wanted to show her how much we will miss her, so we had a little party at TF Brown's.

Mary was the only one who had show and tell- another piece inspired by Anne Brauer.  She used the batik strip at the bottom as her color inspiration. 

Mary also shared some information on Tapping, which is a technique used for stress relief.  It can also help overcome those mental hurdles we all feel when starting a project that is a bit out of our comfort zone. 
Additional information can be found at these sites.

Mary also had lots of good information on  mandalas to inspire us for the challenge- due in September. (has ANYONE started theirs yet?)
There are tons of pictures online if you google "mandala quilt project"

Martha thought this site with "zendala" templates might also be helpful.  (scroll down, then click on any of the weekly challenges.)

After dinner, there were a few gifts for Mary.

Chris made a card for the occasion, so it was sort of her show and tell.

 Mary Ellen thought the name of this was appropriate for someone undergoing the stress of moving and starting a new job!

Kathi's card gave us all a good laugh.  It says:
I hope we're friends until we die and then I hope we stay ghost friends and walk through walls and scare the shit out of people.

Kathi gave Mary this skirt. 
Mary wore a dress Kathi admired and it inspired her to wear a skirt recently.  So this is a way to share that memory.  (Plus it's really pretty!)

And, of course, what's a party without chocolate?!!

Mary promises to join our meetings electronically if possible.  But we still say Best Wishes and we are truly going to miss you!