Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February Felting

 Mary Lee led us to do a project using zippers and felting. A heart was suggested, since it's February.
But some of us went off on our own...

Everyone seemed happy to have something to do!

While we worked, those who had something to show did so.

Mary finished the table toppers she was working on a while back.

Cynda dug out an old project she designed from a  postage stamp

Susan finished her Hawaiian turtles.

Chris had fun making a bowl with fabric and clothesline

New member Connie shows off the leaf she pieced in a Judy Neimeyer class.

Connie has also been working on this piece she started in a class with Victoria  Findlay Wolfe


Kathi and Martha decided to use a spiral as their design.

But most did hearts....

Mary Ellen's



Mary Lee's

 This is Mary Lee's finished pin.  Sorry it's upside down.  I don't know what the issue is with pictures taken on a phone refusing to rotate.

Martha's finished pin.

Chris' pretty little heart

Mary Ellen's with an embroidered flower.

Lori's on the left and Beth's on the right



In March we will be transferring pictures to fabric with Sharpie markers!