Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sharing and making plans

At our very informal June meeting, we discussed a possible group project.  Chris has been trying to find a good subject for a "slice" quilt.  (Some information about this quilt can be found here.)   This idea has been discussed before, but got derailed.  So we have circled back to it, since the reason it was shelved was all the enthusiasm led to too many ideas and we all got overwhelmed. 
Stay tuned.

But, as we always do when we get together, we had fun sharing our current projects!

Mary Ellen took the "Ricky Tims Rhapsody" class with Penny Marble, sponsored by the Museum Quilt Guild last month, and is very happy with it so far.  

Aren't the colors glorious!?

Susan brought her "hexie" project in, as it is nearing completion.  This is meant to hang on a wall with complementary colors, near a glass door in her home.  So she left the open areas to make the wall part of the design!

Mary Lee had to clear the loom for a new project.  These were supposed to be dish towels, but are far too pretty to use!

Mary also made one of the "Opulent Ornaments", using head pins to add lines of beads, and the larger beads.

Kathi enjoyed a recent workshop on photo transfer.

She has also made some collages she liked well enough to have printed by Julie at Red Dog Enterprises

Martha has really gotten hooked on the Opulent Ornaments!  These two will be part of the ArtCGirlz raffle basket at the Museum Quilt Guild show in October.