Friday, June 16, 2017

Group play

As always, the June meeting began with  show and tell.  Mary Ellen shared this very happy  quilt she made for her granddaughter's big girl bed.

She sings "You are my Sunshine" with her granddaughter, so the words to the song are embroidered on the large circles.
The pattern is from a book called, "Adventures in Circles" by Leigh McDonald.

Kathi ran across these small pieces she had started a while back, using fabric she mono-printed on a gel plate, then stitched on.  She wasn't sure she had ever shared them with us, and hasn't decided what they are yet.  :-)

Mary has been trying to clear some scraps, which she had cut into squares at some point.  These tops will be donated to the Museum Quilt Guild's Community Service project at the June meeting. 

Martha (the photographer, so these pictures were done at home) finished a small quilt she made as a class sample quite a few years ago.  It's small, so will be donated for a child.  It has a nice soft flannel backing.
When Martha saw the kit for this at a quilt show, she thought it suited her.  Some of the fabrics in the kit had to be swapped out, though.

Kathi showed Martha the pattern for this bunny doll, called Miffy, knowing Martha wouldn't be able to resist making one!

Kathi brought her notes and samples of class work from the week long class she took with Nancy Crow at QBL a few years back- which resulted in this awesome quilt.   Some of the members will be playing with these techniques, now that we know the process!

We are looking forward to having other projects for members to work on at meetings, to share ideas, critique each others work, and encourage ourselves to keep learning new things!  In July, we'll be playing with embellishments.