Friday, April 17, 2015

Lino blocks, part II

 To start the meeting, Mary Lee gave us a demo of a new project she had tried- using alcohol inks on ceramic tiles.

You begin by putting a coating of rubbing alcohol  on the tile.  Then add a few drops of the ink and wait.....

Add a few more drops of the ink.

Then, using a dauber, or in this case some felt velcroed onto a wood block, add some small spots of alternate colors to the surface.

Isn't this gorgeous?!!
 you can read more about this technique on several blogs.  Here are just a couple of them
Tile coasters
as embellishment on paper crafts

Before we got out or lino blocks and  started playing, Cynda showed her most recent ice/ snow dyeing results.  We are all jealous. 

She did this by wrapping aquarium stones in the fabric before dyeing.

Then Mary Lee got out some of the pieces she had played with after our last meeting to inspire us.

This gorgeous piece was made with the simple stamps below.

And don't forget how much fun you might have with your test piece.....

Cynda had also played with her stamps a bit after the meeting.

This is Kathi's stamp.  I can't wait to see what she does with it.

Mary Ellen put lots of the flowers on the lighter parts of this hand dye.

And made some pretty fabric using her leaf stamp.

Cynda filled her fabric with gold.  Not the one she is using was carved on a dollar store eraser!

Elaine played with a butterfly stamp.

Susan is thinking woods again with her moose.

I think this is Lori's- a postmark for the lady who works in the mail room.
I love Lori's use of the background in her dachshund carving!

Beth made a very cool corner stamp after seeing this technique online

And with it she makes these beautiful images!

Martha added more layers to her previous attempts that didn't come out very well. 

Martha also tried out the metallic ink on some darker fabrics. 


Next month we will be doing a serious of short creativity exercises- just playing!