Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lino block printing

 There was only one show and tell at the September meeting. Mary Ellen finished her bargello piece from the class many of us took with Marija Vujcic last year at the Museum Quilt Guild meeting.

After that we got right down to the activity of the day- Lino block carving and printing.  MaryLee led members through the process of choosing a design and cutting the design into the blocks.  She even brought band-aids, just in case!

Here Cynda is making test prints with hers.

Beth did a test on paper and decided to refine hers a bit more.

Lori's dachshund design came out pretty well!

Elaine loves to quilt feathers, so a feather stamp makes perfect sense! 

MaryLee's designs were intricate but very pretty!

I think this maple leaf is Mary Ellen's.

Next month we will be enjoying a sit and sew to get the last stitches in our quilt show entries!  There will also be a discussion of the first assignment in the photography book many of us are using to try and improve our skills.