Saturday, September 4, 2010

Art C Girlz Exhibit

Woo hoo - just had to share my excitement at actually being able to log into this webiste! I thought I'd post some pictures of our recent exhibit - for those who didn't get to see it in person.

This is Sharon's gorgeous snow-dye piece. I just love how bright the colors are!! To the right is a piece done with men's ties - I called it a sunflower, I think she might have called it the sun. Anyway - that is the one piece from our show that did sell.
Below that is her instant art piece - "This Lawn Needs Raking". Her 3-d fabric leaves and sticks make it so authentic.
I think the bottom piece is the one done with a challenge marbled fabric from Sarah Terry.

This is part of Kathi's Wall - I just love her "little black dress".

Next to it is her sunflower piece and in the lower right hand corner is her interpretation of an Irish Landscape.

This is Martha's wall. Her Jane Sassaman piece to the far right is my favorite. I can't remember the names of all of her others, but she has great interpretation of flowers in many of her pieces. One of them is from an Esterita Austin class and you can see her sunflowers next to the one on the far right.

This is Karen's Clock. I love it! It is made of plexiglass with
bits of fabric, ribbons, thread, "shiny stuff". It is hung in the window because it changes apeparance throughout the day as the sun changes the way it comes through the window.

Lastly, this is my wall (Elaine). To the right is one of
my favorites of all time called "Breaking Free". You can also see my black & white butterfly, my sunflower piece, my interpretation of Longwood Gardens watergarden from a photo I took, and my "self-portrait".

Thursday, July 8, 2010


The Art C Girlz group was formed 2 years ago when a group of 5 of us got together at Main St Coffee to talk about exploring our interest in art quilting. Each of us, in our own separate way, had already gone beyond the traditional means of quilting- either in actuality or in our thinking!

Each of us expresses our art in different ways, both in our own quilts and from each other. Some are all fabric while some explore the use of paper, paint, beading, fibers and other surprising elements such as glass, plastic, sticks, metal washers and more.

We are a "loosely-formed" group that meets once a month to either work on a technique or project, or to show each other what new things we have created or learned. We take turns presenting ideas and projects so there is no one leader or agenda. Some months we paint or dye fabric, explore the idea of an "Instant Art Quilt", draw what we feel while listening to music, create fabric from paper..... or sit and talk and share books we have discovered. One month we worked on our "Iron Quilter" project where we were each given a bag of unfamiliar fabric and embellishments and a time limit of 2 hours to produce a small quilt!!

Two years later we have amassed enough work to present our first show. The exhibit is at the GOArt! Senior Center Gallery, 2 Bank Street, Batavia, NY . The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.