Thursday, June 11, 2015

Painting a picture, part I

   There wasn't much show and tell this month. 

Emmy brought a couple of her most recent cards.  She apologizes for them not being fiber or quilts, but we all admire her talent in creating these small works of art!!!

 Martha brought pictures of her brand new grandson for show and tell. 

 Chris used the techniques she learned from watching this dvd by Susan Brubaker Knapp for her Oriole quilt.  Tonight we learned the first part of the process.

Chose an image with a strong focal point and contrast, and print it full page. Trace onto tracing paper.

Make a copy of your tracing on plain white paper, the size you want it to be for your quilted project, and trace it onto pfd fabric.  

For some of us, choosing the image was the hardest part!

Others knew exactly what they want to interpret on fabric and got right to work.

These are the images we will be painting on fabric next month.
Martha's Pokeweed blossoms

Kathi's mother's wedding photo

Mary Ellen's Magnolia blosson

Chris wants to try doing this zinnia blossom in another medium.
 (She used it for her Museum Quilt Guild Blooms January 2015challenge entry )

Elaine's inspiration is her Clematis in bloom

Cynda decided on bittersweet berries

We can't wait to see how Emmy does the water droplets!

Beth is doing a hamster!

Lori got a great shot of a butterfly

Mary Lee is continuing her door series

Most important is that we are having fun doing this!!!

Beginning June 22, the ArtCGirlz will have an exhibit of our work, titled "Reflections", at the GoArt gallery at the Senior Center on Bank Street in Batavia.  Information should be available here soon!