Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mandala Challenge

Karen Reisdorf, of Blue Pearl Yoga, invited the ArtCGirlz to visit her wonderful space a few months back.  She challenged us all to make a mandala after sharing some information about the art form with us.  Here are the quilts created as a result of that challenge.

 Chris Kuehl's  "Sun, Sand, Surf"  was inspired by two vacations this year spent by the ocean.  It is machine/ paper pieced and quilted, thread painted and embellished with leaf metal and crystals.

Mary Ellen Casey's  "Om Mani Padme Hum" (O Jewel in the Lotus Flower) was inspired by a commercial print.  Batik fabrics, thread painting with silk and metallic thread.  The center of the flower is embroidered with silk yarn to signify the complexity of the potential which is the focus of the path to enlightenment. 
 The title comes from an article by Laurel Fishman. It "signifies not only the jewel of man's divinity living within the lotus (the cosmos) but also the jewel of cosmos divinity living within the lotus(man).  In other words, the mantra is saying, "I am in you and You are in me"; thereby  stating the unity and brotherhood of all beings, as well as their inner divine potential."

Elaine Ross's "Where Words Fail...Music Speaks" began as a circular patterned piece of rust-dyed fabric and a music theme.  Music is a relief from the stresses of life, so the word "peace" was stenciled around the musical motifs in the center.   Rust-dyed cotton fabric, fabric paints, inks and beads. Machine pieced and quilted.

Kathy Everett's  "On Wings" was created with the help of Julie Brandon at Red-Dog Enterprises, where the image of wings, which really speaks to Kathi, was printed onto cotton.     Machine quilted, hand stitched. Embellished with reflective crystals.

 Susan Rathbun's "Oops- Lemonade" was to be ice-dyed with the colors radiating from the center, then a grid of intersecting circles created with a washable glue technique.  The breeze that scattered the dye powder and dried the fabric too quickly created blobs of color instead.  So she got lemons and made lemonade! Ice dyed cotton fabric and hand sewed beads.

Elaine Ross also made this small piece, "The Butterfly Within".
 The eye travels to different parts of the Mandala as the colors of the thread weave in and out on the background. Crystals add points of light. Sadly, the quilting doesn't show up very well in this picture.  Machine Quilted, Variegated Rayon Thread, Crystals, Appliqué

Bethany Anderson, "Talk in Your Sleep"  Acrylic paint on canvas

Bethay Anderson, "Wellington"  Acrylic paint on canvas

Bethay Anderson, "Ship and Compass" Acrylic on canvas

Martha Lorshbaugh's "Zendala Mandala" was created using templates and a pattern by Jan Krentz.  The fabric is carefully cut to create the kaleidoscope/ mandala design.  The quilting was designed with techniques from a "zentangle".  When a zentangle is created within a circle, it's called a zendala.  Cotton fabrics, rayon thread.  Machine pieced and quilted. The design can be seen here.

Lori Anderson's  "Healing Shadows" uses photo transfer, applique, couched & hand sewn embellishments,  thread painting with free-motion quilting.

Sadly, the exhibit at Blue Pearl Yoga did not go as planned.  If the exhibit reopens, we will post updated information.