Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November workshop: Decolorant

 We started as we have for the last few months- by giving Kathi a block for Michael's quilt.  Here are the blocks so far!  

We also filled a box with supplies for Michael and his buddies to enjoy.

Susan bought a snack for the meeting- a wonderful coffee cake- at her husband's request.            (thanks, Hubby!)

 Susan also brought some show and tell.

This one is a wall hanging to match the runner she gave her son  for his birthday in September (in the pictures at right).  He thought it was "cute".

Susan is hiding behind the three little wall quilts she made. 

  Meanwhile, Mary is hiding behind her current project.  
This will be an autumn forest scene.  It's based on the work of Ann Brauer, from an article in Machine Quilting magazine.

We had all brought supplies to try out the decolorant Sharon used in one of her pieces at the GOArt! exhibit. 
 Many thanks to Sharon for being the first to try a new technique and then sharing it with us!

First Sharon showed us one of her sample pieces.

Sharon didn't express a preference for stencils or stamps.  Both work nicely as you can see.

This book is full of ideas for the decolorant!

Some "before pictures....

Susan used one of Kathi's fabulous stencils

Here they are with the product on them but not quite dry.
Kathi LOVED that these turned sort of purple
And here are some of the finished fabrics, all ready to be used in some fun new project! (or not)

These two are Mary Ellen's.  Isn't the black one the best!?!

Hopefully the college will allow us back after last night since we popped a circuit breaker with the blow-dryers and irons all going.  (I'm sure they never expected the conference room to be used this way when they built this addition, but it's only 4 years old!!)

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  1. Michael has received your appreciated box and says THANK YOU FOR THINKING OF HIM!
    I appreciate your thoughtful gestures.I look forward to putting together his special quilt too!
    I have done more decoulorant! I love it~!