Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fun with Photo Transfer

Last night we enjoyed Mary Ellen's lovely home as Kathi shared her knowledge of photo transfer using gel medium.
Kathi made a copy of this picture of a bird for each of us to use if we wished, and generously provided the medium and small pieces of fabric, as well as small canvases to experiment with   This is her result on the canvas.
After a short explanation of the process, it was time to play!

 First, spread the medium on the surface to receive the photo, then lay the picture on top carefully and burnish to spread the medium well and let it soak into the picture.  The liquid one works faster, the mousse one needs to dry .

Then  you gently peel and rub away the paper pulp, leaving the picture on the fabric.  Most of us were afraid to rub too hard, but Kathi was there to do it right!

The results were mixed.  Kathi suggests it works better with laser printed copies, like the birds which she had done at Office Max.

Lori's (I think) bird came out really well.

Martha's ink jet picture didn't.

 Elaine seems to have had the good ink (or maybe it was the squeaky brayer!), because not only did her ink jet pictures come out really well, but the bird one changed colors!  It was black and white when she started.
 Lori's inkjet print did pretty well, too. 

 After the transfers were revealed we had a little show and tell.

Chris brought the block for Kathi/ Michael this time.

Chris also started this piece to try the "Ghost Quilting" technique in the current issue of American Quilter magazine. 

Susan found a cute doll pattern to try, thinking she'd make a bunch and sell them at the next quilt show.  After doing one, she's not so sure.  But isn't it the cutest?  ( I know I want one!)

Thanks again to Mary Ellen for allowing us the use of her lovely home- and sharing the delicious cookies her grand daughters made!  And thank to Kathi for always having something interesting to share.
Next month we'll be back at the college. 
 It's time to reveal what you did with Mary Lee's gorgeous hand dyed fabrics- so it's time to get started!  
(I had pictures- anyone know where I saved them???)

Plus Mary Ellen will share her technique for the ruched flowers she did on one of the round robins last year.


  1. great post Martha! it was fun...just the time spent with friends chatting and laughing is great.

  2. That would be MY Round Robin!!!I'm the lucky owner.

    Thanks Martha for the posting.