Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We finally made creative girls!

We canceled our February meeting so the Creative Girl quilts were delayed. as a group project.  Some of us couldn't wait, so there were a few finished "girls" at the March meeting.

Susan's "Buffalo Gal"  even has a great pair of boots!
 Some of the embellishments are singles of earrings lost.  GREAT idea!

Mary Ellen's "Prom Girl"  has ruffles made from a color run of hand dyed fabric.

Mary Ellen thinks she needs to practice to make her faces better.  

Martha made her girl a "Crazy Cat Lady", but wasn't brave enough to add a face.
The background uses Kathi's mosaic technique.

The rest of us decided to play during the meeting.

Lori and Beth came prepared and ready to get busy!

Beth's background

Kathi had a rough day, but designed her girl.  She hopes to make hers into a large enough quilt that one of her girlies can cuddle it.  

Martha's second girl is in the garden.  We all agreed the hat needs some work.

Lori's girl is enjoying a beautiful view.  She may or may not have hair when she's finished.

Beth is thinking there will be two girls on her quilt.  Stay tuned. 
Hopefullly all of these will hang together at the Museum Quilt Guild show in October.

We all enjoyed this project, and want to make sure we acknowledge the original creator of the creative girls quilts, Carrie Payne.  She shared the pattern in an issue of American Quilter magazine.  If you like the girls, she also sells them in her etsy shop.

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