Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday decorating

There was a last minute change of venue for this meeting.  So in the pictures you may catch glimpses of bald men and skeletal remains.  Do not be alarmed.  They are participants in the Polysomnographic Technology program. 

As always, we started with everyone's favorite part of the meeting- show and tell.

Beth is making this as a gift.
At first I thought it was printed on fabric.  Then I got closer.....

It is in fact a portrait style quilt.  Lots of little bits and pieces carefully fused!  Mary Lee was very impressed!

Lori is making this as a gift as well.  We are all coveting the sparkly fabric at the top.

Lori is still enjoying doing stitcheries.  

It will look like this when it's finished.

Lori made a couple of these to go with small gifts for co-workers.

Chris had a bunch of these left over from an older project.  She is helping her daughter make them into gifts for co- workers. Each block will be a mug rug.  A very clever way to use up orphan blocks , while giving a nice gift!

Susan had always wanted to use the design of this Laurel Burch shirt for a quilt. Finally, she did!

Mary Lee and Elaine are doing a series of windows.
We all tried to convince  Mary to add a tiny piece of the challenge fabric so she would be ready for January!

Martha found a tutorial online for these ornaments.

Cynda brought along the supplies for a hands-on project to create holiday bouquets with greens she cut around her yard. 

Several members worked on other projects while the rest played in the wide array of goodies!

And they all got lovely arrangements for their efforts.

 Mary Ellen's




In January bring your challenge to finish- or your recycled project, which is due in February.

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  1. I like seeing all the things you brought for show and tell and the pretty arrangements.