Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Exercising our creativity

Chris Kuehl had the only show and tell this month, which is a preview of the activity we'll be doing next month.  She did this Oriole, based on her own photograph, using watercolor pencils, paints and thread sketching.


After a brief discussion about our upcoming exhibit at the GOArt gallery at the senior center in June and July, (Stay tuned for details!) Cynda led us in some exercises intended to exercise our creative muscles!

All we had to bring was paper scissors, coloring media, and a glue stick.  Cynda brought the rest!
First we were instructed to create using only one shape or line.  She had five activities planned:
1- using a single line or shape to create any design
2- using a different shape and a different technique from the first one
3- create either an "animal mineral or vegetable", or one of the four elements
4-  create something with perspective.
5- deconstruct one of your previous works and make something new with it.


Mary Ellen








None of us really felt we had created a masterpiece, but we had fun, and got to explore some of our preconceptions about our own work and abilities.  Thanks, Cynda!!!

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