Thursday, May 12, 2016

Discussing Modern Quilting

Having been inspired by a visit from the Western New York  Modern Quilters at the Museum Quilt Guild meeting in April, the ArtCGirlz have decided to give that style a try for a while.  We each talked about some aspect of Modern quilting that appeals to us, or inspires us.  You can see a great selection of Modern quilts at Jacquie Gering's "Photo blog".
 We hope to have a selection of our own interpretation of "modern" quilts to hang in the guild's October show.

We also had our usual fun Show and Tell, of course.

Lori and her husband are attending the Ohio Bigfoot Conference this weekend.  Lori always makes items to be sold as fundraisers during the event.  

Chris has just returned from wintering in Key West.  She found this lovely fabric in a quilt shop while there.  We all agree it looks great on her!

This is a piece Chris showed in the last guild show, but she felt it fit the modern theme. She really likes pinwheel blocks.

Emmy has been making hexies, and decided to put a few together so she can decide how many of what colors she needs. 

Emmy made this quilt for her granddaughter as a graduation gift.

Below is the small version of the block she made to use as a label.

Susan was inspired by the demo Connie did using Virginia Findlay Wolfe's techniques to make this little table topper quilt.

Mary Ellen had other projects needing to be finished, but the pile of Kaffe Fassett scraps called to her and became this lovely quilt top!

Mary felted another very cute bunny!

Connie and her sister were playing with one of the many photo editing apps and Connie loved this one of her dog.  She had it printed on a metal tile at

Martha turned an old challenge quilt into a duffel bag, using a pattern she found here.

I should have taken pictures of the blocks people shared as their favorites.  I can only remember a couple...

Kathi and Lori like the cross/  plus block

 Mary Ellen liked the block on the cover of this book by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr

Martha likes the off center log cabins.

And Mary had this magazine picture of one she liked.

We decided there is something in Modern quilting for all of us.  It will be interesting to see the quilts!!

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