Thursday, February 16, 2017

Slicing and icing

Finally, after hashing and rehashing this idea, Chris came in with a fabulous picture we can slice up to make as a group art quilt.  We've discussed this off and on for a couple of years, I think.
 Chris had contacted the photographer previously to ask if he would give permission for us to use one of his nature photos for this project, and he happily agreed. This was a first snow at his home last November.  (the icing in the post title) Chris hopes to have the quilt finished by next November once we know how many slices it will be.

There was a bit of showing and telling as well.

Susan showed some lovely ice dyed fabrics at our December meeting.   The leafy vine was in there waiting to come out.  This is for Susan!

 Susan used the fabric and thread from Mary Ellen's challenge to make this sweet little pillow.  She isn't sure where this will end up yet.

Martha is doing a UFO challenge with her online guild, and even got one of the two pieces she pulled out in January finished!

Since we met on Valentine's Day, we adjourned early to go spend time with our sweethearts. (in some cases that might be the sewing machine!)

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