Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Mosaic Fun!

I had
some fabric leftover from our mosaic meeting, and decided to play with it.  First I took all the sort of directional pieces and laid them out on a grey background. I had envisioned looking out from a tunnel, but I think it looks like one of those pictures they get from the space telescope!  I'm seeing spirals with beads and maybe some glitter.

The rest of the squares were mostly all orange with some cloudy bits, so I went with that!  Not sure where this one's headed, but I'm remembering a drive through the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge at sunset about a year ago...

Then it was time to play with my original piece, which I had known almost immediately what I'd do.  Here is the result.
I  plan to add some beads around the edge just for an accent.  I dislike a vacuum as much as nature does.

(more about this one at my blog)

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  1. Love the top all of them - love the top one.