Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October meeting: Self Portrait Collage Night

We had our usual show and tell to start the meeting.

Mary Ellen couldn't wait to try the leaf pounding technique shown in the current Quilter's Newsletter Magazine.

Lori is getting into the Halloween spirit.

Beth went right home after the last guild meeting to try the stitch and slash technique Kathi demoed.  (that word just looks wrong!)

Martha was inspired by a picture seen on Facebook to suggest we all try making self portraits using magazine pictures instead of fabric. (If I can find a link to the picture, I'll come back  and add it)  Found a post with the picture here!

 First, we all had fun tearing pages out of magazines, cutting out things we found interesting, or useful and passing around hair and facial features as we went. 

 Then it was on to the serious business of laying out our treasures to create our portrait.  Thanks to Beth, we had music to create by!

Mary Ellen was the first to finish.  And didn't she do a wonderful job???

Martha went for a slightly less realistic portrait.

Elaine channeled Picasso for hers!

 Lori found so many meaningful words, she decided not to fill in the face.  I love that her words show strength and empowerment!

Beth tore her paper, and made the mosaic look more successfully. She declined to put her real face in the picture with this.  It is not a good likeness. 

Emmy used a map as her skin, cat's eyes and luscious lips!

Aren't they all fun?


  1. The show and tell was great and the mosaics were fun. Thanks for the idea, Martha! And thank you for posting these pix! I can't wait to do this with my grand daughters. I think they will love it!

  2. these are awesome!! i must try it
    beth~love your slashy project!