Thursday, November 14, 2013

More mosaics and a new project!

 Chris had said she had an idea for a group project we could do, so we decided to discuss that this month. 
Her idea is based on an article she saw in the American Quilter magazine last year.  It was about a "sliced photo" quilt made by a group of ladies from Oregon made.  Their quilts, the "Klamath Basin Vistas", can be seen here.

So now we are in the process of finding a picture that appeals to everyone.

It was sort of a busy meeting, with everyone working on something.

Beth had her stitchery supplies handy.  Poor Beth had one of those blue markers not wash out.  It's been ironed, but if anyone knows how to get it out now, leave a comment!!!

Mary Ellen was sewing the binding on a quilt she made for a friend, which has to be finished for the Holidays.
I'm sorry I wasn't thinking when she showed it, but it's just as well- wouldn't want to ruin anyone's surprise!

The only show and tell was Mary Ellen and Martha had finished their trees from the class most of us took with Wendy Butler Berns last month, when she visited the Museum Quilt Guild.

Mary Ellen's

The rest of us were working on the mosaic self portraits, since the girls who missed it expressed an interest in trying it.
Here is Kathi's "work in progress"                                       

                            And her finished picture!
                      (doesn't it make you smile?)

Susan's piece is a statement on the almost constant migraines she suffers.

A better look at Susan's.

 Chris finished hers at home, so we weren't able to take her picture next to it.  The ornament earrings are because she is a Christmas baby.

Martha did another one just to play.  The suggestion of a face needs work- or a nose- don't you think?

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  1. Sorry I missed this meeting! Love the self portraits! Looking forward to the group project.