Friday, August 15, 2014

Freeform collages!

Lori was nice enough to host the August meeting.  We had a nice tour of her back yard gardens, but the thunder and lightning chased us right in to the house!

As always, we began with show and tell. 
Kathi led her small fiberista group in learning Susan Carlson's collage technique. She promised a piece using the Rolling Stones motif to her brother-in-law a couple of years ago. 

Kathi has also finished her "Forsaken" piece.  It just needs a facing.  Look for it in a major show near you soon. 

Lori finished her creative girl.  Her girl "seeks the elusive".
Lori is really enjoying the landscape technique she learned for Karen Eckmeier earlier this year. 

Beth is finishing UFO's for the guild meeting Saturday.

This is her piece using Susan Carlson's technique, from a play meeting we had a year or so ago.  The sparkles really shimmer in person.

This is Beth's finished project from the class we all took with Wendy Butler Berns last October.

Beth painted the pieces of the skeleton lady, then appliqued them to the tree background.  It's really amazing!

Beth also finished her creative girl....."And then I met you."

Mary brought the cowl she knitted.  She assures us two color knitting is easy, but we aren't buying it.

Mary then led an activity to get our creative juices flowing.  In the current issue of American Quilter there is an article about Freddy Moran.  (Who I don't think has a website, but here is her picture).  There was a process section, telling how she is making collaged quilts.  She starts with a background and when it tells her what it wants to be, she just starts cutting pieces and pinning them to it on her design wall.
One of Freddy Moran's collaged quilts

So MaryLee had us each bring a background fabric and a few smaller pieces, scissors and a glue stick.  We passed our fabrics this way and that then were directed to create something with what ended up in front of us.  It was great fun, and we all ended up with something to go home and play with- or not.  Freddy admits that some of her less successful collages end up as "Back art".  So check the backs of our quilts in the future, too. 
Mary Ellen's


Lori might put a bigfoot in hers. 
Kathi made hers sort of a mandala

Mary made a happy little town

Martha saw a pansy in the center of her background

Beth made lips.

None of us realized Cynda had made a face until I took the picture!
This activity left us all feeling the joy of using our creativity as well as spending time with freinds!
Thanks, MaryLee!

Next month we're back at the regular meeting room at the college, trying our hand at lino block printing.

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